About Us



Lux Pet Salon is a full service grooming parlor willing and able to work with both Cats and Dogs. Our Senior groomer who brings over 24 years of experience along with her gentle way with animals is absolutely amazing. We have a large facility located in Lake Stevens, WA at the Trestle Station right across the street from Cavalero Dog Park. On a nice day you can bring your furry friend and enjoy the park right before a soothing bath and groom.


We cater to Felines

We also love our feline friends here at Lux Pet Salon. We have full services supporting cats and their grooming needs


Safe Stress Free Environment for your pets to experience

We here at Lux Pet Salon strive on a clean, stress free environment for your pet to enjoy and socialize with other pets if they like during their stay. There are also some pets who may like to keep to themselves a little more in which we have comfortable areas to accommodate.