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We use the HydroSurge bathing system. It is a therapeutic bathing system that can be great for pets with skin issues while also giving them a wonderful massage. Most pets really enjoy a nice relaxing bath while us owners love how they come out squeaky clean.


Pricing varies by breed, size, type and condition of coat and any extra TLC your pet might need. In order to give you the most accurate quote we need to see your pet. Feel free to stop in for a quote anytime. Clients will be contacted should pricing exceed 10% of quoted price.


Matting can often hide or aggravate existing conditions. In cases of severe matting we may not be able to de-matt. We also do not bathe pets with matts. In some cases it can make matting worse and is hard to dry underneath matting which could cause more skin issues. With severe matting the only option may be shaving. We will always let the customer know before shaving. Our number one concern is your pets health and physical condition.


We generally say 3 to 4 hours for each appointment. We do offer Express grooming for additional fee.

Questions or Concerns:

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Pricing - Salon Services

Hair Cuts

All haircuts include: bath, brush, ears cleaned, nail trim, glands(upon request), sanitary trim and haircut of owners choice.

 Small dog haircuts(25lbs and under) 


Medium dog haircuts(Approx. 25-45lbs)


Large dog haircuts(Approx. 45-65lbs)


Giant dogs(Appox. 65lbs and up)


Partial Haircuts

Partial haircuts include: bath,brush, ears cleaned, nail trim, glands(upon request), sanitary trim and face and feet trim.

Price is generally $15 less then full haircut price.

Bath and brushout

Bath and brush includes: bath, brush, nail trim, ears cleaned and glands(upon request).

Price is generally $25 less then haircut price

Nail Trims  - $15 

Additional Charge

De-matting charge           $15 and up


Bath and brush 

Short hair $55+

Medium hair $65+

Long hair $75+



Cat services include nail trim and ears cleaned